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We love passionate people. And we love it when those people use their passion to support the causes they believe in —whether it’s feeding the hungry, supporting veterans, providing clean water, or helping the homeless. We know these people show their support by donating cash, stocks, or maybe their time. But there’s been one big missing piece. What if you’ve got a physical asset that has value? And what if you had a convenient way to use that asset to benefit your favorite cause? Let’s Enter is the platform that helps you do just that. Supporters of our benefiting causes can buy entries into the sweepstakes (but no purchase necessary). At the end of the sweepstakes, one lucky winner is chosen as the winner of the prize.

It's As Easy as...

One, Two, Three!


Enter To Win

Browse our site, find products you're interested in and enter to win them! Your donation goes to a great charity.


A Winner is Drawn

A winner is drawn the moment we reach the contest deadline or entry cap. Whichever comes first.


Donations go to charity

The winner picks up their prize and proceeds go to charity.

Your Donations at work

Our model is pretty simple. When you donate $10 to a fundraiser, $5 goes to charity, $4 goes towards marketing and expenses, and we keep the remaining $1.

We have a unique approach to fundraising, we have a for-profit model that allows us to reach more people than traditional non-profits. This increases the amount of money we're able to donate since we maximize the amount raised.

Your Chances are better with us

Winning on most fundraising platforms is extremely hard because they allow an unlimited number of entries. At Lets Enter, we limit the number of entries so that you have the best chances to win.

Depending on the value of the product and the number of entries, you could have odds as great as 1 in 25 people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations fo our winners of these beautiful tiny homes.