FAQ’s / Pricing Information


How much does it cost to enter?

We tried to keep supporting your favorite cause easy. For every $1 you will receive 10 entries into the supporting sweepstakes.  

Can I enter a sweepstakes if I live outside the United States?

Because every country has different laws, Let’s Enter is a US-only platform. However, be sure to check back! We hope to launch in other countries in the near future.  

Are all sweepstakes causes 501c3 non-profits?

Yes, all benefiting charities are recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt, 501c3 entities.

Is this a raffle?

No. Raffles and sweepstakes are different, though there are similarities. Sweepstakes allow you to submit an entry without making a monetary purchase or donation. You can always enter for free by sending a Postcard to PO BOX 147, Hogansville, GA 30230. Be sure to include the sweepstake title, your name, address, phone, email, and blood sample. (just kidding on the blood sample, but we will need the other items listed)

Do I receive a receipt for my entries? 

Yes. Once we receive your donation, we’ll send a confirmation email which serves as your receipt. Remember to keep this important email! It’s proof that you entered the sweepstakes.

(FYI, we realize that sometimes emails go *poof* and disappear. If you need us to resend it, no sweat. Just shoot us a message at help@letsenter.com.)

When I give a donation, where does the money go?

We like to keep things simple, especially with our pricing structure. 

Here’s the financial breakdown for sweepstakes contest on the Let’s Enter platform:

  • 50% of the funds raised go directly to the chosen non-profit. Funds are deposited into the charity’s bank account via Stripe (usually within a week after the sweepstakes wraps up).
  • 2.9% - 5% covers credit card processing fees.
  • 45% covers the marketing cost of using the Let’s Enter platform and furthers our mission of supporting our amazing non-profit partners! 

Can I get a refund? 

Once a sweepstakes ends, we’re unable to issue refunds for any donation made prior. 

(For questions about refunds please email us at help@letsenter.com. Include the name of the sweepstakes in the subject line and attach a copy of your receipt.)

Can I write my donation off?

Lets Enter, Inc is a for-profit organization that exists to support our non-profit partners. 

Our contests are classified as “sweepstakes,” and it's important to note that there are varying legal interpretations on whether a contribution that also awards people consideration (chances of winning a grand prize) is deductible. 

If you choose to write off your donation, here’s what you need to know:

  1. After you donated, you received a confirmation email from us. This email serves as the official documentation/receipt for your donation. 
  2. In many US states, no additional receipt is required for contributions of $250 or less. If you donated $250 or more just email us at help@letsenter.com, and we’ll issue a receipt.

How is the winner selected?

When selecting a sweepstakes winner, both integrity and transparency in the selection process is our highest priority. 

To accomplish this, we’ve partnered with random.org to select a random, computer-generated winning entry for each sweepstakes. 

Here’s how the selection process works:

  1. Each sweepstakes entry is assigned a specific identification number. The first entry is assigned as #1, the second entry #2, etc. 
  2. We then utilize randompicker.com to select a number between 1 and however many total entries there are in a given campaign. This means each entry has an equal chance of being selected. 
  3. Once we know what number their system chose, we check our donor database to see who had the corresponding entry. 
  4. Then comes the fun part! We love delivering the good news to our winners!

Yay! I won! Now how do I receive my prize? And how long do I have to claim it?

Congrats! Here’s what happens next

  1. The Let’s Enter team will email or call you with the good news.
  2. Next, we’ll email you a digital winner’s packet. Be sure to respond quickly so we know you received it.
  3. Fill out the winner’s packet, and return it to the Let’s Enter team as soon as possible.
  4. Once we receive these documents, we’ll connect you with the sponsor of the sweepstakes and you’ll be responsible for coordinating shipping with the sponsor.  You’ll also need to cover any shipping charges associated unless otherwise specified in the sweepstakes.  You’ll have 15 days to arrange an appropriate shipping/pick-up plan. 

Yay! I won! Am I responsible for the taxes on my prize?

Yes. Winners of Let’s Enter sweepstakes are responsible for paying taxes on their winnings. We’ll issue you a W9 form so you can settle up with Uncle Sam.

Is this a scam?

No. Let’s Enter sweepstakes are legitimate contests that help people support their favorite causes. Our long-term mission is to create a massive platform for good that amplifies the work of great non-profits. 

We know there are lots of hoaxes out there, and honestly, it makes us sick. That’s why we’re committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency throughout our process. This commitment began months before we launched when we began working with an incredible legal team who helped design our sweepstakes process so it’s compliant with all local laws and regulations. 

As an added layer of transparency, we always highlight the winner of each sweepstakes right here on the Let’s Enter website. This gives our users confidence that the contests are fair and that donations are truly being used to make the world a better place. 

(Need more proof? No sweat. Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Lets Enter, Inc., c/o Winner List, P.O. Box 147, Hogansville, GA 30230 at least 30 days after the end of a sweepstakes. We’ll mail you back a list of winners.)

How can my favorite non-profit get involved with Let’s Enter?

We’re always looking for great charities to partner with! If you’d like to make a connection, please email us at weloveyou@letsenter.com.